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Y US marshals who know they're coming Caught and uickly sentenced to hang their old enemy the wheelchair bound bucket of mean Marshal LC Bledsoe shows up at the last minute to spare their lives For a price He'll let them live if they hunt down their old gang the Snake River Marauders And kill those prairie rats with extreme prejudice. No this is not

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JOHNSTONE KEEPING THE WEST WILD Not every Western hero wears a white hat or a tin star Most of them are just fighting to survive Some of them can be liars cheaters and thieves And then there's a couple of old time robbers named Slash and Pecos Two wanted outlaws One hell of a story After a lifetime of robbing banks and holding up tra. Title Cutthroat

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Ins Jimmy Slash Braddock and Melvin Pecos Kid Baker are ready to call it uits though not completely by choice Sold out by their old gang Slash and Pecos have to bust out of jail and pull one last job to finance their early retirement The target is a rancher's payroll train Catch is the train is carrying a Gatling gun and twenty deput. It takes awhile

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The Devil's Kiss and became a full time writer in 1980 He wrote close to two hundred books in numerous genres including suspense and horror His main publication series were Mountain Man The First Mountain Man Ashes and Eagles and his own personal favorite novel was

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    Cutthroat Pinnacle 2019 is William Johnstone's latest Western and the first of a new series Slash and Pecos Westerns In this Johnstone Western two outlaws Slash and Pecos are thrown out of their gang barely managing to escape with their lives and end up in the safest place they know the hidden home of the widow of one of the gang members They decide to pull one last job designed to give them seed money to buy a freight business and live out their lives on the straight  side of the law That plan is interrupted when bounty hunters track them down burn them out and leave them living in a cave though not before Pecos and Slash kill most of them With what seems to be their usual bad luck the effort to go straight doesn't work any better than their escape and they end up in jail waiting to be hanged To free themselves will reuire they do something they never would have thought they wouldThis is a fast moving story with lots of detail on life and culture of the old west A good addition to the plethora of other westerns out by William Johnstone et al

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    I received this from Netgalleycom for a review Pecos and Slash are wanted outlaws just as they are about to be the guests of honor at a 'necktie party' they are rescued by Marshal LC Bledsoe He’ll let them live if they hunt down their old gang the Snake River Marauders And kill those prairie rats—with extreme prejudiceGreat start to a new series Fast moving story about two not so really bad guys who have done a lot of bad things but now want to do something good Lots of action and lost and found love4☆

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    Title Cutthroats A Slash Pecos Western #1Author William W Johnstone J A JohnstonePages 347Year Jan 2019 HardbackPublisher Kensington Pub CorpMy rating 4 out of 5 starsIf you love a good adventure set in the Old West here is the first book in a new series by Johnstone The tone of the first installment sets the tone I think for what will happen to characters later in the series that is if they aren’t meeting their demise Their gun smoke in the air some who traveled owl hoot trail and want to go straight while others are trying to take out those who want to leave breaking the law in the patThe nicknames of the two main characters Pecos and Slash come to a big problem when former members of their gang use them as they pull new jobs Yet even the original Pecos and Slash have their morals and what the new “leaders” of their old gang do is beyond what the former leaders can stand Now they must track down these men and set thing right along with working for a marshal they cannot stand The one thing the Johnstone’s don’t put in their book is spelling out what happens between people I for one appreciate that from them The only thing I didn’t care for in the book was cussing than I thought necessary With that being said I hope future Cutthroat adventures aren’t as filled with it and I will enjoy seeing how these two men in their later years are now living life inside the law Note The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility

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    Slash and Pecos former leaders of the Snake River Marauders a band of cutthroat robbers have decided to retire from their thieving ways However as they are pulling one last heist to fund their retirement they are captured by the law and offered one out to save them from the gallows hunt down their former gang and kill each and every oneA highly entertaining old fashioned western full of thrills and laughs

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    A clever western Imagine the old TV show Alias Smith and Jones only they are 30 years older2 outlaws are drafted into being Bounty Hunters for a crippled US Marshall1st job Hunt down their old gang

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    It takes awhile to get into this one starts out slow and not as much fun reading as the Mountain Man series and others of the Johnstones However the last half especially the train robbery could well make a suspenseful movie I liked it

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    I have no idea why they call themselves cutthroats They are mindful of the old Alias Sith an Jones series on TV They rob trains and banks and want to go honest A miner spoiler they never shot at anyone that wasn't trying to kill them They don't have a governor to ask for amnesty like the TV series What they have is a Chief Sheriff that is doing his best to make their lives miserable There are too many twists and turns in this to describe them without giving too much away Suffice it to say there is plenty of action and humor here

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    I love Johnstone books I measure all other Westerns against Louis L'Amour and JA Johnstone This is a new series with an even uniue story line and cast of characters than usual In book one CUTTHROATS the backstory is set for two not uite reformed outlaws to track and kill the members of their former gang This arrangement will keep them from the gallows while hopefully keeping on the right side of the law Dedicated Johnstone readers like myself can already anticipate our two manhunters running into all sorts of trouble I'll happily keep reading as long as they ride

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    No this is not Cutthroat Canyon by the very same William W Johnstone However when you have written over 300 books it may be easy to confuse the title of one book with another I do not believe that I have read any Johnstone books before This one though was not worth finishing I became tired of counting the number of dead that came from the hands of our two protagonists Jimmy Slash Bradcock and Melvin Pecos Bill Baker

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    WHERE ARE THEYA good example of how you can turn your life around from bad boys with bounties hanging over you or you can make a deal with the Devil and become legal business ownersLots of good comradery of old cut throats who were tired of the owlhoots trail Two men and a woman who was married to a cut throat whose now dead and buried are going straight getting descent jobs no running hiding from the bounty huntersS great story

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