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Snake River Slaughter

William W. Johnstone È 4 review

Att knew as a child in an orphanage is being hunted by predators Kitty Wellington inherited her uncle's 20000 acre ranch and a mortgage on the Snake River She plans to pay her debt by selling thoroughbreds to the US Army But a relative is trying to steal it alluntil Matt enters a fight whose m. These Mountain Men books are a guilty pleasure I don’t normally hold with guns or gun play but realize it may have been the way it was back when in the West Or so books such as these have promoted the myth Dueling has not been legal for some time All the E books I’ve read could have benefited with careful editing but the errors are not excessive or distracting but seem to get worse as I go on If you’ve watched Gunsmoke or Rifleman you know the score Smoke and Matt are protraited as likeable gunslingers This is book 5 in the series the libraries I use don’t carry book 2 Matt is a wandering rogue who thinks of himself as a good guy As his renown grows and spreads he tends to attract gunplay wherever he goes and create business for undertakers but become less popular with local law enforcement Since the ‘hero’ is peripatetic the books’ locale keeps changing and we are continually introduced to new characters most of them unsavoury

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Ost dangerous combatants have yet to show their handBehind one man's evil plot is a small army of vicious killers masuerading as peace officers in Boise For men who are used to getting their way the odds in this fight look pretty gooduntil they meet Matt Jensen The real battle is about to begi. Fairly easy read the ending was to abrupt and unfulfilling

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Matt Jensen is the adopted son of mountain man Smoke Jensen his soul was forged by violence and hardship his calling the sound of a gunSnake River MassacreMatt Jensen didn't want to kill two murderers in Wyoming but he had no choice Now his fame has reached into Idaho Territory where a woman M. KATHLEENAmbushed land grabbing misrepresenting and the age old jealousy A young man Marcus Kincaid the son of a woman who married a royal from England but he never adopted the boy The royal died but he had remarried Kitty who much younger than him He loved Kitty very much so to or less keep peace he divided his American holding down the middle Kitty inherited the horse ranch and Marcus received another ranch Like all greedy men he felt he should have inherited the profitable horse ranchMarcus used underhanded ways of hoping to cause Kitty to lose her ranch He hired some outlaw band of regulators to rustle her horses so that she wouldn't be able to fulfil her Army contract for the horses If this happened she wouldn't be able to pay off her loans and her ranch would go into foreclosure She would have no recourse lost of a source of income and the ranch hands would lose their jobs Kitty has an ace up her sleeve and that is MATT JENSENNeed I say well Matt and Kitty have history together they were in the same orphanage run by a horrible predator who sold the girls into prostitution possibly the boys also Beatings never having enough food the predators would accept good stuffs and possibly other items to make their lives easier were confiscated by the predators for his own useit was orphans be damn Matt Jensen utilizes every aspects of a graduate from West Point A leader who men will follow into battle knowing they will overcome the challenges facing themSo let's all say together ride easy Matt Jensen and Spirit II watch that groove of trees good place for a ambush Oh my did you see that reflection off to your rightMatt be careful

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The Devil's Kiss and became a full time writer in 1980 He wrote close to two hundred books in numerous genres including suspense and horror His main publication series were Mountain Man The First Mountain Man Ashes and Eagles and his own personal favorite novel was

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