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  • Paperback
  • 140
  • uest of the Dark Lady
  • Quinn Reade
  • English
  • 08 January 2018
  • 9780508511017

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uest of the Dark Lady

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Into oblivion One man in all the Iron Lands could find the Dark Lady Wulf the mighty bladesman Wulf who feared not for his life because accused traitor that he was his life was already los. As a fanatic of the genre I enjoyed this novel uite a bit The main thing that I cannot agree with is the use of the blurb In the tradition of Conan The protagonist Wulf The Mighty Bladesman is never referred to as a barbarian and his background is not accounted for in the least bit He is a military man who seems to be highly motivated by his loyalty to the King and also has a honor code of some kind but as with the character it is vague as well There are some very memorable scenes and the writing is clear enough to give an interesting mental picture of what is going on So the seasoned reader can tell that the author has been around the type writer a few times My thinking is that this is not his main genre and he wrote the novel out of demand from the publisher Besides the obvious fact that Wulf is not a barbarian the book has an obvious romantic slant that I assume is another demand of the publishertheir list of other books in their catalog all have a strong romantic element which brings me to the conclusion that this is a Heroic romance with some sorcery and swords thrown in to justify that famous claim In The Tradition of Conan That helped sell a few novels To conclude we do not have a Conan clone here but a swashbuckling Soldier who sets out on a uest to save his King's lands his new found love and perhaps the known world It has some interesting supporting characters to help liven up a story that could have been a bit grim without them The descriptions of sorcery and it's use are good which leaves one to think the writer has read his fair share of fantasy If Sword Sorcery is your favorite genre as it is mine by all means track this down Not the best Sword Sorcery out there but certainly not the worst which thankfully I have not discovered so far

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The royal city was gripped by sadness and terror Only Langax good and wise Emperor of the Iron Lands stood between civilization and the hideous slimy creatures of The Terrible East And now. Sword and Sorcery from the time when everyone was writing it The genre is strong enough so that even weaker books can be worth reading I enjoyed this at some level but it was not great

Summary uest of the Dark Lady

Langax was dying growing ever weaker as the magic spell cast upon him grew powerful Unless they found the Dark Lady breaker of evil spells an ancient and honorable world would be plunged. Yeah those 16 pages of illustrations advertised on the cover are bad photocopies from an art history book i recognize at least 10 being plagerized from 1300s to 1700s paintings and etchings And none of them have anything to do with the plot at all Not even the captions Which pretty much says everything about the book

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